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Otezla National Spot now Airing!!

March 15, 2019

My National commercial for Otezla is now airing everywhere in the US. That makes 2 national and 2 regional campaigns that I currently have on the air! Keep an eye out on your TV and hopefully you will see a familiar face! :)

Booked role on Jerry Bruckheimer's new show LA's Finest!

March 14, 2019

Yass!! I am so honored to get to play a kicka$$ police office in the new Jerry Bruckheimer show "LA's Finest" starring Jessica Alba and Grabrielle Union!! I mean it!! I get to kick a door down!! hehehe... :) The show will start airing in the Spring so I will keep you posted when my episode comes up!

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About Me

Ever since I was four years old, I had an itch to make people dream, smile and laugh. That itch turned into a full blown infection (that sounds horrible...but its good thing-I swear!!) when I saw and fell in love with the movie “Pretty Woman”. That film made me spend years dreaming of my very own fairy tale. Ever since then I've wanted to have that effect on people: the desire to dream out loud and imagine the impossible, and most importantly to laugh…to laugh a lot!

I have been very fortunate to be able to pursue that unbearable itch from a very young age in Sao Paulo, Brasil where I was born and raised. I was trained at one of the most prestigious acting schools in Sao Paulo Celia Elenea Theater company and soon after because a child celebrity at one of the most popular TV Networks in the country, SBT. After moving to the US, I continued to follow my itch by being a part of over a dozen musical theater productions in Florida and California, several independent films, and TV shows and by being trained by some of the best coaches in Los Angeles at The Groudlings School of Improv, Joanne Baron/DW Brown School, and most recently Lesly Kahn & CO.

Thru out this journey I was also able to meet the love of my life and get tie the knot before he realized how much of a basket-case I am and ran for the hills!! Yes, I met and fell in love with a Brazilian in California…small world. 

One would think that by now this funny itch would have stopped, but believe it or not it just got worst. Even after co-producing and acting in a comedic web-series "The Other Client List" that is now on youtube and featured on Hello Giggles (Shameless plus). I hope that you will share my journey with me and that I can put a smile on your face, a tickle in your tummy and make you dream impossible things along with me. 

- Da Brazilian Actress (Arye)  

This page will be updated soon. For now- Click above for latest news. Thanks!! - Arye Jan 2022
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